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Deirvlon OS is an operating system designed for various areas of agriculture, smart home systems. Deirvlon OS 1.0.3 is based on the Deirvlon CL microkernel. Manufactured under the name Deirvlon Technologies, DAB Controllers operate on the basis of this system in the field of agriculture. The modern design of Deirvlon OS creates a user interface between smart home systems based on a monitor system. All the devices you can think of work interactively with each other on a single platform, adding value to your life and improving the quality of life in your home. It runs on microcontrollers and is not a valid system for computers. One of the advantages of Deirvlon OS is low power consumption. It also has an ecosystem that is in direct and uninterrupted communication with each other. Deirvlon OS applications are supported by Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux operating systems. As the modified Deirvlon OS is an internal product, it can only be used in products manufactured by Deirvlon Technologies. Read more

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