DAB 2 Controller

DAB 2 Controller

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DAB 2 Controller

What distinguishes DAB 2 Controllers from the previous version is the visual and user interface, the availability of EC (water salinity) and PH (water acidity) sensors, and so on. DAB 2 has special tools for irrigation specialists (simplified system for automatic connection to the system) so that they can calculate the flow rate of each valve, tap. For 2 days, DAB locally remembers the information about the processes going on inside the greenhouse minute by minute. Another advantage is that you have a dedicated website. Through the website, both entrepreneurs, agronomists and operators (those who download the irrigation schedule) will be able to manage and control the process online. It is this system that simplifies the work of the agronomist. At the end of the work there will be a system where they can analyze the statistics of the whole process. This is a first for both Azerbaijan and the world agricultural sector. There will be special identification (ID) numbers to access the system. Through this, all DABs connected to the network will be differentiated and the entrepreneur will be able to share with the agronomists the statistics for a certain period of time set for the greenhouse. Also, DAB 2 Controller will be provided with individual configurations such as bluetooth, wi-fi or wi-fi, depending on the customer's choice. Read more

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