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Rules for using CSS Grid and Flexbox


Mobile Games

History of mobile games

The first known mobile game in the world is a Tetris game in Hagenuk MT-2000. Then, in 1997, Nokia's Snak

Mobile applications

What is a mobile application?

In today's world, a program that is coded and developed specifically for smart devices (smartphones and tablets) that almost

RoboFest 2022 festival

The RoboFest 2022 school festival has ended. The competition, held as the second robot festival, took place on April 10, 2022 at the Park Inn by Radisson Baku Hotel. 122 students from 20

Azerbaijan's first programming language-UPL

UPL “Universal Programming Language” 

What does UPL mean?

UPL stands for Universal Programming Language. This appl

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