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Deirvlon Technologies

Səməd Abbasov


Deirvlon Technologies is currently the largest technology company in Azerbaijan, founded by Kamran Gasimov on July 6, 2011. The company's building is located in the Nizami district of Baku.


Since 2011, the company has been headed by Kamran Gasimov.


 The word "Deirvlon" means "Infinity" in the language of "Aloposn" created by Kamran Gasimov, the founder of Deirvlon Technologies. The figure of the logo is the symbol 'D' in the alphabet of the same name. If we turn the logo 90 °, we can see the infinity sign. The colors Red, Green, and Blue used in the logo represent the 3 primary colors (Red Green Blue RGB). At the same time, it was the colors of the Azerbaijani flag, which means that it came from the lands of Azerbaijan.

DAB Controller,, Island Heist and are the most popular products of the company.

Deirvlon's areas of activity include Hardware, Software, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Games.

The DAB Controller, developed by Deirvlon in the field of Hardware, was designed and manufactured in 2020. DAB controllers are now actively managing irrigation in greenhouses around Azerbaijan according to an automated irrigation schedule. This procedure helps to minimize human labor and increase productivity. Imagine that a person performs many operations at the same time, and it should be noted that a 1-minute delay in the irrigation process adversely affects the development of the plant and leads to the decay of seedlings. In other cases, it requires additional manpower. This puts additional costs on the entrepreneur. Thanks to a small 100-gram device manufactured by Deirvlon Technologies, it prevents all human suffering and controls the entire irrigation process. Although DAB controllers are used in greenhouses, they are also actively used in other automation projects. Deirvlon also manufactures smart home systems. Simply put, it automates all the devices we use at home. You can remotely control the entire system of the house through a single mobile application.

As we reported, one of the areas of activity of Deirvlon Technologies is Software. Services provided in this area include the development of websites, the creation of mobile applications, the creation of games. The sites created by the company differ from others in functionality. Innovative technologies are used to compile the site in such a way as to reduce the size of the site and thus maximize the loading speed of the site.

The Dnews mobile application, created by Deirvlon Technologies, downloads more than 2,000 news items a day. It also includes news from all over the world and the country. Dnews is also one of India's leading news portals. Thanks to Dnews, you will be immediately aware of the agenda. Another example of Deirvlon's mobile application is With, any restaurant, cafe, pub and lounge in Azerbaijan is at your service instantly! Just download the mobile application and you will get all the information you want from your home in a few minutes.

What you can easily get with
• learn the address of the destination;
• you will be able to easily learn the price of delicious food in places;
• Want to go to a new place but have doubts about the service? you can easily read the reviews about that place and make your choice;
• you will be able to discover new places;
• You will be able to book in advance for birthdays or other happy days

In short, there is no! Because providing you with great service is the main priority of our work!

The purpose of the ADecWare platform is to help people find educational documents and information. On this platform, you can explore documents, open documents online, and even download them for free if you wish. This platform was created in 2017 by Deirvlon Software.

The games created by Deirvlon appeal to both domestic and foreign markets. The company has agreements with the App Store and Play store. And the games are presented to users on those platforms. Deirvlon Games includes Iceland Heist, Wordus, Atom Shell, Color Wall, Planets, Digi Dash and more. aiddir.

The first game developed by Deirvlon Games Infrastructure is "Digi Dash".

The next game, Wordus - through this game you can learn different words in 37 languages, in a few minutes. As a result, you learn a new language by playing games. The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. Atom Shell - Move fast, stay awake, navigate over obstacles, score high points and challenge your friends!

Color Wall - Join the exciting adventure of colored balls! If you feel really intellectual, this game is for you.
The company also has an EMC service. Simply put, social media marketing (EMM) is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience. However, the social media marketing procedure is not so easy. We help you build your brand, increase sales and your website traffic. This period consists of publishing attractive content on your social media profiles, increasing visibility, engaging and listening your audience, and analyzing the results along with conducting social media campaigns and ads. We help you make the most of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Whether you want to grow your business or turn your business into a brand, we will help you succeed. Social media has evolved more than just being a platform for publishing content, and that's why we use social media in a variety of ways to benefit your business. Our experts monitor your social media conversations and responses to relevant notes, analyze the information obtained and help you conduct high-target social media campaigns, support your brand, etc. Perfect media with the perfect Partner, Deirvlon Technologies!

As Deirvlon Technologies, we represent Azerbaijan in the world with our technologies.

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