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Why do you need a website? Do you need a "Website" on the Internet? If you are looking for a question, your answer will be "yes" and I am here to explain it.

In 2019, 70–80% of companies looking for companies through search engines will check the website before making a purchase, and at the same time, the same percentage is lost by businesses that do not have a website. your need for the site becomes even more important.

If you're not sure and still don't know that a website is more effective than social media profiles, there are 4 reasons "why do you need a website?" is here.

1. Creating a website makes you more professional and creates more confidence.

Most people don't believe in businesses that don't have a good-looking website. Potential customers will trust you more when they find all the information about you in one place. In today's digital world, you need to create such a website for all, even the smallest local business.

Nowadays, anyone can easily open a Facebook or Instagram account with fake information, your id information. So websites legitimize your company in ways that no social media channel can.

If you do not have a website and want to create a portfolio, your work, or a special place to present you, you can create a website with professional support for your business about assembling websites (by following the link).

2. The Business Website will bring you more customers and increase your conversations.

A well-organized website can appear on the first page of a Google search, which will bring you, new customers. There is a better chance that someone will find you on social media than by chance. Also, it will be easier for you and any competitor company to compare through a professional website.

If you advertise through Google ads and Facebook ads, you can drive direct traffic to your website. With other Google tools, you can manage your ads and manage your website to reach more customers and viewers.

That is, the website is available 7/24, every day of the year and from all over the world, so it will cause the customer to visit even after business hours.

3. Opening the website gives you full control.

This reason can be divided into two parts. First of all, the website gives you complete freedom to introduce yourself. You cannot edit your social media account the way you want. You don't have a special design, just like everyone else, you didn't fall from the sky.

The freedom of design of your website allows you to present your brand uniquely and originally. Control of your website is not just about graphics and customization, you decide what will be there, so you can share customer behavior, feedback, and videos on your website. If you have a gallery or portfolio, a website is a chance to share it creatively. In short, you can redesign and change everything you want on a website.

The other side of "complete control" is that the website is your media. You don't have to follow the ever-changing rules of social platforms, and your website can stay in place forever if the platforms themselves come and go (if you remember MySpace). Additionally, any Internet user can access your website without creating an account.

4. Building a website is the center of all your marketing activities.

The website can be the first place where potential customers communicate with you and get information about your business. Or it may be the last place they come to shop because they are redirected from an email, Facebook ad, or Instagram post.

Imagine that a person named Vasif is driving his car on H.Aliyev Avenue and sees your advertisement for education abroad on a roadside billboard and enters your website to get shorter information to make his long-held dream come true. learns and even uses information about your service.

All your marketing activities, whether your business is online or offline, should end on your website, as they say, all the way to the website.

It's even easier to manage your business when everything is interconnected and you have a common denominator website. So owning a website is a priority and the first step to success.

Create a website

I hope these four simple reasons have allayed your doubts about creating a professional website for your business. If you don't have a website, you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your online reputation. The sooner you decide to create one, the more customers will trust your brand.

If you are no longer questioning the benefits of websites and want to do something for yourself, click the button below to learn more about our Website Builder:


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