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Mahammad Ganjiyev


History of mobile games

The first known mobile game in the world is a Tetris game in Hagenuk MT-2000. Then, in 1997, Nokia's Snake became the most played game in the world. Snake Game appeared in 1999 with the second version of the Nokia 7110. Unlike the first snake game, our snake now had the ability to cross walls.

The next game is Bounce, which everyone plays at least once in their life. In the 2000s, when color screen phones became popular around the world, Bounce, one of the first color games, came to life. The game we played by jumping the red ball through the rings was very interesting and exciting.

5 most downloaded mobile games in the world

Roblox is a mix of Minecraft and Lego, a game where people can create games and play games developed by others.

This open view of the application may pose some risks, especially for young children. Although Roblox has some security measures, it remains a target for less well-meaning people. Common Sense Media rates Roblox as suitable for users over 10 years of age.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an adventure game. While painting a young train, he is noticed by a guard and a dog and begins to chase. The object of the game is to escape from the guard and the dog. Available in the in-game purchase section. The game is seen to be suitable for children over 9 years old according to the Pegi game rating system.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG moblie, one of the most well-known and played games in our country, is in the list of the most downloaded games in the world. The goal of Pubg Mobile is to survive. In the classic game mode, players of 100 players are randomly divided into teams. Players can parachute from the plane to any area. Everyone is equal when the players fall to the ground.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that can be played online on smartphones using "augmented reality" technology. You have to walk the streets to collect Pokemon and create your own collection. You can fight with other players with the collected Pokemon.

Temple Run

The game of collecting money by jumping over large gaps while crossing a dangerous forest on ancient stone roads is called Temple Run. This game may remind you of the Subway Surfers game we just talked about.

Mobile games created by Deirvlon Technologies

We present to you the mobile games created by our company:


Wordus is more than a classic word game. The method used here is based on a completely new scientific theory. Which allows you to learn new words in 37 languages.

Atom Shell

All you have to do is carefully transfer the electrons to the inner shells. You need to place the electrons closer to earn more points.

Digi Dash

You can spend your time better by finding a few correct numbers. Unlimited levels and infinite numbers. This will increase your focus while playing the game.

Color Wall

All you have to do is cross the colored symbol right over the wall (stick). In this way, you can earn points that help you to take a place in the world. You must carefully overcome the obstacles you encounter during the game.


The endless universe is waiting for you! Try to discover new planets and get a world-class score.

Island Heist

Island Heist is a 3D offline adventure game. Many unique characters with special powers will cause you to experience exciting moments. On this voyage, you will collect your treasure and return to your ship by managing 8 unique characters and using your special powers.

You can follow the link to try our mobile games.




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