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Mahammad Ganjiyev


What is a mobile application?

In today's world, a program that is coded and developed specifically for smart devices (smartphones and tablets) that almost everyone has with them is called a mobile application. Mobile applications are known worldwide as App and are one of the trending topics in the mobile world. The way to get mobile applications varies depending on the operating system. For example, you can download the mobile application from the App Store for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running the Apple brand iOS, and from Google Play for devices running the Android operating system.

Benefits of mobile applications for companies

We all know the importance of websites for companies. To learn more about this, you can take a look at our blog about websites. Increasing mobile usage has increased the number of companies that want to outperform their competitors, making it inevitable that the company will turn to the mobile platform.

Thanks to the mobile application, companies can send notifications to users who download the application and instantly transmit information to users by constantly updating their content. However, as the owner of a mobile application with only one-time costs, companies are trying to reduce the cost of a marketing method that will require a large budget.

Customer trust

Mobile applications are one of the most important factors in giving a customer confidence, ie loyalty. With the development of mobile internet and smartphones, the number of mobile users has increased significantly. Thus, people choose the method that is most convenient for them. To create the most convenient way for your customers, you need to communicate directly with your customer and build trust in them. Nowadays, as the number of mobile users increases, your company should have an additional mobile application in addition to the website.

Product promotion and competition

Reaching customers as quickly as possible is one of the main goals of all companies. From this point of view, mobile applications are the only digital channels through which you can directly access many topics, such as advertising, campaigns, and the promotion of the latest products. Within these opportunities used by the customer, a company with a mobile application is always one step ahead of the competition with other companies without a mobile application.

Quality and prestige

Mobile applications can bring many benefits to companies in terms of quality. A well-designed, easy-to-use, and customer-oriented mobile application can even sell a product that the customer does not need. iPhone, one of the companies that come to mind when it comes to quality and prestige, is an important exemplary company distinguished by its work in the field of application development.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, if you want to have a mobile application, you can contact us without thinking.

Mobile applications created by Deirvlon Technologies

One of the main areas of our company is the creation of mobile applications for companies. However, various mobile games and news mobile applications belong to us. You can read our blog about our mobile games. In short, we have mobile games called Digi dash, Color Wall, Planets, Atom Shell, Wordus, Island Heist, etc. In addition, we have and a new news application called Time of News. (Deirvlon News) is a news collector, our bots on the Internet collect news from various news sources and sort it for you. This allows you to read news from different sources in one application at a time. Follow the link to try out our mobile apps.


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