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DAW (Deir Auto Wireless) is one of the new innovative tools developed by Deirvlon Technologies to automate work in agriculture. DAW, which combines many functions, carries out air conditioni

Deirvlon OS

Deirvlon OS is an operating system designed for various areas of agriculture, smart home systems. Deirvlon OS 1.0.3 is based on the Deirvlon CL microkernel. Manufactured under the name Deirv

DAB 2 Controller

What distinguishes DAB 2 Controllers from the previous version is the visual and user interface, the availability of EC (water salinity) and PH (water acidity) sensors, and so on. DAB 2 has

DAB Controller

The DAB controller was designed and manufactured in 2020 by Deirvlon Technologies. DAB controllers are now actively managing irrigation in greenhouses around Azerbaijan according to an autom

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